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Related post: Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 21:44:02 -0700 From: Jay Dallas Subject: "A Question For Grandpa"I had first heard about sex in the fourth grade, while I was taking a leak in the bathroom, some boys were chuckling and giggling, using words I had never heard before. In tiny bbs pedo the fifth grade, the teacher made us free porn bbs teen watch a video talking about the 'productive organs' or something like that, showing lots of pictures of the insides of a boy, and the insides of a girl. It was the most awkward moment of my school life that I could bbs kds list remember, and after the video had ended and recess began, instead of sex dark bbs the usual goings-on of playing handball or climbing the jungle-gym, the boys just stood off in forum bbs lolka sex a shapeless huddle at one side of the playground not saying a word, and the girls grazed in their herd at the other end of the field. Even after all that, I still didn't exactly understand what a 'sex' was, nor where to find or a vagina, or what to do with it once it is found. I was always embarrassed by my erections while growing up, whether in public or in the shower, I would try to asian bbs board think about anything else to make illegal bbs ls the bulging go away. I had a sensitive piece down there and didn't like when it rubbed against my jeans, and I definitely disliked people seeing my stuff trying to poke animation bbs incest porn out of my pants. It was a normal thing for boys to feel that way, I assumed. My father and my uncles always made jokes about the 'dick,' adolescent index bbs the 'pee-pee,' the 'wee-wee,' and other weird names they had for it, and so I grew up with the belief that it was something to be embarrassed and ashamed about.I can remember for as far back spending a month out of each summer vacation with my grandparents on their ranch up in the foothills jp girl bbs img illegal ls bbs of Central California. During my boyhood years, those were my favorite times. For the rest of the year, I lived in the city with my parents, free russian teens bbs but when I was out in the country, I felt like a boy out of one of those adventure stories where the hero goes wherever and does whatever he wants, explores the golden mountains and green forests, and 'lives off the fat of the land,' whatever than means. One of the first things I can remember as a child is my grandfather giving me a wooden slingshot and learning how underground galleries girl bbs to shoot with it. He told me it used to be his as a kid, but he resized the rubber strips on it so that I would be able to use it. We used to put up tin cans, and he would proudly slip smooth, little black rocks into my pockets as I tried to knock the cans over. Sometimes the sling band would slip out of my hand too soon and my rocks would go flying everywhere and my grandfather would whisper in my ear little hints like, "just clutch it a little tighter," and "don't let go until you are looking at what you're aiming." I spent years with the slingshot and always practised with grandpa on his ranch, but it was always difficult to play with my slingshot at home with my parents, since they did not want me putting out any windows or getting into any trouble.During the days when my grandfather worked on the ranch, taking care of the animals, I would perch myself on a fence, leaning in as nudist young tgp bbs close as I could without falling off, watching him ride his horses, prod cattle, and bark out orders for top pedo bbs the herd to move. He was strong, commanding, and to me, was the strongest and smartest person in the world. Moments like that always made me feel that I wanted to grow up and be just like him. When he finished his work, we would play slingshot, toss horse shoes, race each other drawing pictures with our note pads and old crippled crayons to see who could draw faster, or walk down to the river that dipped through a secret, green valley fifteen minutes from the house.My grandmother was just as sweet as my mommy; they could have been twins for all I knew. My mother baked cookies and cupcakes from time to time, but it seemed like my grandmother always sex girl bbs had something delicious to eat. I spent my childhood swimming in cookies of all sorts of flavours, cupcakes, cakes, and pies. Grandma always warned me against eating too many sweets, because if I did I would grow a big belly. I always pointed to grandpa and I would say, "Grandpa eats sweets all the time, boy bbs pics how come he don't have a big belly?" He would laugh a deep rumble, and explain that because he works so hard out on the ranch, he can eat as many cookies as he wanted. The logic in that simply rattled my brain, and I could not understand him at all.I never paid that much attention to the way my grandmother looked, because she sort of looked just like my mom with gray hair and a few more wrinkles. My grandfather, however, was always fascinating to me. Sometimes he wore a model pics bbs thai thick, silver and yellow moustache and looked like a fox, other times he had a bushy goatee that made him look like a badger, and other times he grew his face out to a full beard and he looked like a polar bear. He always wore his flannel shirts buttoned up, leaving just the top button undone, and little silvery strands of his chest hair would come poking up curiously. His jeans and coveralls were worn tight, which made me think he probably didn't get new clothes often, which made sense to me when I was just a boy; I thought perhaps his mommy just didn't buy him new clothes anymore.A few times a week, we would walk to the river down a little rocky path, then through some soft dirt, behind some sad, droopy looking trees to the water that was as clear as the sky. The air was always sweet and clean, and the sound of the wind in the trees seemed to mix seamlessly with the soft whispering of bbs pedo pic the rushing water. I never gave it much thought bbs porn phots as a younger boy, since it didn't seem awkward for us to take off our clothes and go for a swim in the water. We would play around, splash each other, naked forbidden bbs and race from one bank to the other. Other times we would just lounge and relax, and lay in the shade with the water up to our noses. When the sixth grade came along, with all this talk of 'sex' and 'penises' and 'vaginas' and 'producing,' I became more and more shy with grandpa. My summer visit that year was normal, until the first time we went for a swim.I was shy and slow in taking off ukrain virgins bbs my clothes, though grandpa had jumped out of his flannel shirt and denim overalls like he normally would, I finally noticed how different his body looked from mine. His chest was muscular and proud, and was fuzzy with gold and silver hair like a lion, and his stomach was hard and rigid, all muscle. His broad shoulders looked like mountains, and the muscles on his arms were the foothills. His fore arms were just as furry as his chest. A line of curly hairs led from his chest down the center of his stomach down to his dick, where there was a thick forest of gold and silver just like his chest. It started above his dick and ran down the sides and beneath his stuff. It was like he had two beards. I caught myself staring, ashamed, but I was fascinated at how different his body was from mine. My reflection in the water had shocked me, for I had been growing a lot faster than I realized. I japan bbs forum rika was a lot taller than the last time I checked, but I was skinny and without much muscle, and little angels hentai bbs I didn't have a single strand of hair on my body below the top of my head. My bbs cp links eyes were blue like the sky, just like grandpa. I secretly wished I could look more like him."What's wrong, kiddo?" he called out to me, just before he hit the water. He noticed I had barely begun to unbutton my kdz bbs shirt. For some reason, my dick was starting to get hard, and I didn't want him bbs links to teen to see. It had never happened before while we were swimming."I... have to pee," I answered back shyly and stood facing a tree for what seemed like forever, praying for the hard to go away. max2 adult bbs As I softened up, I slowly removed my shirt and pants, but left my boxers on. I bbs ped started towards the water and my grandpa mini girls bbs gave me a puzzled look,"You forgot your boxers, kiddo," he laughed at me. I'm not sure what had gotten into me. Perhaps the talk of private parts at school was getting to me, because I had never been shy about swimming around grandpa before. I laughed a little and jumped out of them, throwing them behind me. I was just being silly and overreacting.It was a normal day; we raced a few times then just sat in the water for a while. The sun was mean that pics illegal bbs summer, especially on that day, but the water was just right. I was just catching my breath when I turned around and realized illegal lola bbs I didn't see my grandpa anywhere. I Top nude bbs panicked for a second, because I knew cp bbs pedo what was about to happen. A moment later, he leaped out of the water, splashed water, and came up behind me. He grabbed my arm and turned me around so that we were face to face, and he tackled me into the water. We laughed and shouted as we wrestled the way we normally do until his furry dick brushed up against mine. I went wide-eyed and shouted in fear, and leapt back, ashamed.I cowered into the shallows and sat with my hands over my private."Hey, kid! Now I see something's up. Don't think you can hide it from grandpa." He caught his breath wading over to link to bbs model me, and I looked up at the sky, trying not to accidentally catch a glimpse his privates. "Come on and you tell me what's wrong," he said strongly, putting bbs lola pedo his arm around my shoulder. I wasn't closer to anyone else than my grandpa, so I felt I should talk to him, or I wouldn't have anyone else to talk to. I would never be able to talk about this kind of stuff with my parents."Grandpa," I started to say, my voice shaking, "at school, they keep talking about sex, and vaginas, and producing, and mastibating." He waited a moment before letting out a long, deep, "Oooooh," and horse bbs then chuckled under his breath."Is that all?" he questioned. I blushed a little because he had laughed. "Son, you're going through something called puberty. It feels very weird and your body is going to go through some changes, but it's a very good thing," he said with a reassuring voice, rubbing my shoulder and pulling me into xxx young bbs him."Grandpa, why do you have lots of hair and I don't?" I asked.He chuckled a little again before saying, "Son, I went through puberty a very, very long time ago."My breathing started to slow and I fired up another question, "Um, what's a vagina, and what do you do with it?"At this he laughed a little louder, "Kiddo, a vagina is something a woman has. When nude anime bbs girls you wanna have babies, you put your dick in it and model list bbs have sex-" and before he could finish his sentence, I shouted, "You do what!?" He laughed aloud at my reaction. My eyes went wide, and I could not believe what I was hearing, "So, you stick it in there and then she bbs kds nude models gets pregnant?""That's bbs naked picture bbs german sex about right," he laughed. "It takes a little bit of work, but you do more than just stick it in there. You gotta cum.""What is... cum?" I asked innocently. At this point, I was finally able to look at him, and I felt more comfortable as I looked up at him from under his big strong arm. I watched his sky-colored eyes dodge left and right for answers as crystaline beads of water dripped from his thick, badger-like goatee. I could tell he wasn't sure how to answer me."Well, son, when you massage your dick, you cum, and it comes out like pee, but it's different. It feels very, very good," he said softly, trying not to make eye contact with me. His grip on my shoulder loosened, and I tried to think hard on it."What do you mean it feels good, grandpa?""It's something you'll learn when you get older," he answered.I thought back to a time a few years before when I remember waking up in the middle of the night for a glass of water. I thought both grandma and grandpa were asleep in their room until I saw grandpa sitting on the couch. I peaked around slowly, and wasn't sure if he was feeling ill, because he was breathing loud and hard, and sex bbs forum every few seconds he would make a faint moaning sound like he was about to throw up. I put my hand on his shoulder and peaked kiddy nude bbs pussy over and asked if he was okay and was surprised to find his dick in his hand. He jumped out of surprise and quickly pulled his pants up and made a "shh" motion towards me. He went back into young models nude bbs his room and I thought nothing of it."Grandpa, back then, was you massaging your... dick? Was you gonna cum?" I asked innocently.He fell silent for a moment before answering, "I didn't mean ya to see. That's called masturbating." His eyes turned away from mine, a little ashamed.There were so many things I could not understand that the questions just came pouring out."So, grandpa, you and grandma don't have anymore babies, so you don't have any sex, right?" He jumped a little bit, formulating his answer. I felt his tremendous muscles over my shoulder shudder as he spoke."Well... when a woman gets a certain age, she can't make babies anymore, but you can still have sex... but when a man get's older, sometimes it's hard to keep your dick hard.""Really!?" I shouted in excitement, "it's kind of embarrassing! Sometime's mine gets hard and I can't make it go away. I can't wait til then!"He turned to me and looked at me with his deep blue eyes and whispered, "No, no, no. That's not a good thing. Having a hard dick is good! If you are not hard, you cannot cum and you cannot ls magazine teens bbs have sex." The sun had moved and the shade of the trees above was shifting; I was starting to get glare in my eye from the sun, so I put my hand on his leg to try and lift myself and move, but as I tried to gain my footing, I lost my balance and started to fall, and my hand somehow slipped into grandpa's crotch. Out of a nervous reaction, I clenched my hand teens sex videos bbs into a fist and I suddenly realized I had grabbed on to grandpa's dick, and it was as hard as a rock. I slipped and tugged on it, pulling it hard, and we both let out a loud, high pitched yelp. I let go quickly, and with wide eyes, we just stared at each other."Grandpa, I'm sorry! I slipped!" I struggled for words as my dick instantly became hard. I stood up and the water came up to my waist, but my dick had slapped upwards against my stomach and was jutting out of the water like a rock.He stepped toward me and patted me on the shoulder, "It's alright son, it's okay." I was on the verge of crying, there was so much I did not understand. His rough, old hands massaged my shoulder and I was comforted. "Listen, son, can I tell you something?" he spoke softly. I nodded, and he said, "It's been a very long time since I've had a hard dick like this... your grandmother and I haven't had sex for years." I stood silently, not understanding just shaved bbs what he meant. "Son, I don't get a lot of chances like this. I can't remember the last time I cummed." I was terrified and excited at the same time, not sure how to respond. "Would you like me to show you how to cum?" I nodded slowly. We walked slowly out of the water, and feeling the waves of coolness brushing past the exposed head of my dick was too much for me, and my knees started to buckle.We sat down side by side, and I thought he was going to "mastibate" and let me see how to do it. He put his open palm around his great, thick dick, and the more I admired it, the harder and harder I got until it hurt. His dick stuck out a few inches past the top of his muscular, clenched fist, and was much more wrinkly then mine. He massaged himself up and down slowly, moaning like he was about to sneeze. I tried to copy him and put my hand around my dick, and it felt great. My breaths came out in short, sporadic heaves, and I could not slow down. Still I could not take my eyes off his powerful body shuddering as he worked himself with those mannish, hairy hands of his. I shifted myself over and sat myself on his lap and leaned up against him the way we sexy bd girl bbs used to do when I was much younger."Son!" he jumped, and let go of his dick, and it came slapping hard against my back, "what are you doing!?""Grandpa," I muttered softly, "can you do mine for me?" I was embarrassed and shy, but the thought of grandpa masturbating me seemed more than I could handle. I leaned back and we sat in silence. His breathing ru bbs xxx quickened as the fur on his chest tickled my back, and the hair over his dick danced around my butt. I felt his great balls and dick shudder and throb hard with his heart as he tried to back off."Son, listen, I was just showing you how to cum, but two men... no! It's not right!" he shouted with a deep, commanding voice, nude bbs free illegal and I was so scared I didn't know what to do. Tears started to roll down the side of my face as he scolded me, and I froze in my place, whimpering and terrified because I had made a mistake and I did not understand what was wrong.We sat for another moment before he put his right arm on my shoulder and softly started to massage me, the way he normally does, but then he did something different. His right arm came down over my shoulder and he started to rub my chest. He pulled me into him and rubbed his chest fur hard into my back, and it felt really good. I could feel his bbs nude tgp heart shuddering against my back. Then his left arm came under my left arm, and he began to rub my tummy, slowly. His Little teen bbs chin came over my shoulder and he rubbed his fuzzy, silver and gold beard along my neck. "I'm sorry," he whispered softly, "don't you dare tell your grandmother or parents about this, bbs underground free okay." Before I could answer, bbs hantai the fur from his hand had gently brushed against the tip of my dick, and I shook, it felt more amazing than anything I had ever felt before. I could not bring up any words bbs top liste sex to answer him once he had opened his great paw of a hand and grasped my dick. His hands were great and huge, and teen top bbs rough from his work on the ranch, and it felt unbelievable on my soft, smooth dick. He slipped his bottom two fingers between my balls and started to massage them while he moved the foreskin on my dick up past my head, then down again.His grip on me was nice and soft, and was I moaned louder and louder, I could not control myself. I was going young bbs bbs to pee all over his hands, and I was afraid of what he was doing to me. Maybe it was wrong, if I shouldn't tell my grandmother or parents, then it had to be wrong, and suddenly I was afraid of what was happening."I think I'm gonna pee, grandpa, please stop," I managed to cough out between his strokes, but he started to grumble deeply like a bear. He moaned a heavy sigh as he pressed his big furry dick hard against my smooth back and he squeezed my dick hard. It hurt and felt unreal and beautiful. The muscles in his hand were overwhelming; I thought my dick was going to break as he squeezed hard. Soon, his soft gentle strokes turned into punches, and as he gripped harder and harder, he pulled his kds bbs forum hand up so that the very tip of my dick was in the middle of his fist, and then slammed it hard back into my balls. I moaned in pleasure, and thought I could have died just then as he free naked videos bbs jammed my dick into my stomach."Grandpa, please stop!" I whispered, shaking, but I could not do anything to stop him. I did not want to pee all over his hands and I did not want to get in trouble from my parents or grandma."Please, oh god, grandpa, I can't hold it in. Stop it please! Don't do it anymore!" But as I cried out, moaning with unbelievable pleasure, he pulled me in harder to his chest and rammed his dick into my back, and I could feel him shivering with delight. lovely pedo bbs He moaned and rumbled like an earthquake, and the world became a blur as I closed my eyes. There I was, in his hands and I wanted him to do anything he wanted with me. He rubbed my chest and began to lick the back of my neck, tickling me with his bushy beard. His soft, smooth tongue felt so surprising bbs teen sex vombat from such a gruff and rough man. He slammed my dick into my groin one bd company bbs more time and then loosened his grip, for a moment, then squeezed hard again. I took a deep breath as he did and squealed like bbs littel girls virgins a pig in surprise."Please," I muttered and moaned unable to control the tone in my voice. My words came out soft and weak, feeble and unheard, "grandpa please... you can stop now." but he did not hear me. He laid me down on my back and as I looked up, saw that he was positioning himself on top of me, and we were belly to belly."Shhh," he whispered, "it's okay... I have not done this in years." He was making me feel so good, I thought I could have died right then and there, and I wanted to do the same for him. I wanted my grandpa to feel as good as I did. He lowered himself onto me and I nearly cried feeling his powerful body touch mine. His hair and fur massaged me as he slipped his bulging, throbbing dick between my legs. He softly lowered his dick so that it was massaging my balls, and I instinctively shut my legs tight together. I looked up into his blue eyes, and he winced for a moment, clenching his teeth in pain. After a second later, a smile unlike anything I've ever seen came onto his face, and he hummed in bliss, "Good boy." He lowered his face down to mine, our eyes locked, and when his lips met mine, I shook in surprise. He did not say a word, but closed his eyes and began to explore the inside of freemodels bbs my mouth with his tongue. God, how amazing his tongue felt when he touched me with it. His soft beard rubbed up against my face and it made me feel joy like I had never felt. I kept my eyes wide open, watching the beautiful expressions on his face as we kissed, tongues rubbing against each other, and enjoying him softly massaging his pulsating dick against my thighs and my balls.I was trying so hard not to pee but being touched everywhere by grandpa was pushing me closer and closer to the edge."Grandpa, I don't want to get in trouble... please stop it," I mumbled, but I did not mean it. Whatever he was doing to me felt amazing, and I did not want him to stop. He started rhythmic humming as he jammed his balls in between my legs and licked my chest. I moaned even louder, feeling my dick get lost in his jungle of chest fur. He licked my belly, and softly caressed his face with my smooth stomach."Do you like that, boy?" he whispered softly to vombat bbs guestbook me."Oh god... grandpa, it feels good... but... please... don't..." I could not put words together to make sense anymore, I thought my head was going to explode, I felt so good.Without warning, he pinned me down, as if we were wrestling, put his arm on my chest and lowered his face down to my dick. His beard rubbing against my balls and tip of bbs pre nude model my dick was more than I could bear. I think I started crying from the pleasure. I could not move my body and he felt as heavy as a mountain. My dick slowly slipped into his mouth and I could hardly contain myself. teen boy bbs I shouted at the cp lol kds bbs top of my lungs, "Oh god! Grandpa!" I could feel his pedofilia bbs kid sex lips clamp around the bottom of my shaft, the tip of my dick rubbing against the walls of the throat. He put his naked 14 bbs teeth against my dick and started to nibble, working his way up. I thought I was going to die."Grandpa! You can't do that!" I shouted but I didn't even care about getting into trouble anymore. I was going to pee in his mouth and it was going to feel bbs mini girlz good.He swung his great, bearish body around and slammed his beast of a dick hard against my chest, all the while nibbling on my dick, licking my balls, and massaging bbs petite forum my thighs."Come on boy," he coached sun bbs angels me, "don't just watch mine, work on it!" he commanded. For the life of me, I grabbed his great cock and rubbed it softly but quickly, every few seconds licking the tip of it. The skin on it was surprisingly bbs dorki ls magazine smooth, but was wrinkly from top to bottom, and the veins coursed powerfully through his hard like like rivers through a mountain. It was hot and hard like steel on boy pre models bbs fire, and I was fascinated. At the same time, I was scared, I didn't want grandpa to pee on me, but if I did that too him, I knew he would feel good. I could smell his mannish scent and sweat dripping from all over; at any other time we would have laughed at our work day stink and taken a bath to clean up, but this was different, I loved smelling him like this. His body rumbled, and he pulled my dick out of his mouth only to say, "just clutch it a little tighter," and so I did. I squeezed as hard as I could with my little hands and tried to jam it back up into his stomach. I pulled it up and jammed it down again and again, and each time, he groaned like it hurt him, hentai pass bbs but I knew how great it feel. elwebbs tgp little I grabbed his great, sagging balls covered in fur and tugged down on them. He yelped like a dog, and I kept doing it until he was whimpering and coughing elweb biz bbs out with free kids porn bbs bliss."My god, boy, you're gonna kill me!" he called out, and terrified, I stopped. "Don't stop," he pleaded, "God if I free lol bbs die, this is how I want to die." He forced my dick down the back of his throat and it sounded like he was choking. As he massaged my balls lower and free sven bbs pics lower, he found the teen bbs cartoon hole of my ass and played around with his middle finger. I didn't know what he was doing until he jammed his finger hard up in there and I shouted out in surprise and pain. It burned like fire until he wriggled his finger around like a worm in my ass, and my body shook without control. video young bbs My dick was as hard as steel and he was nibbling and kissing and sucking and rubbing; this is what he meant when he said I was gonna kill him. It felt amazing. I copied him and jammed my middle finger in his ass and he whimpered like I had never heard him before. His body fell hard onto mine and he sounded like someone had shot him, but he continued to suck, and I continued to jam my finger farther and farther up his ass until I felt a soft squishy spot. I pulled my finger back and kinder models bbs then rammed it in hard, and he squealed like a little boy. The cries of pain and joy from bbs lola new sites both of us began to flood the valley as our breathing became heavy and rapid and our hearts raced.For all I was worth, gateway elwebbs I squeezed and tugged tightly on his ls flash bbs rock hard slab of meat, working the wrinkles in and out of it, and running my fingers through his fur, excited by the thought of my young dick in his mouth, having never been anywhere asian school girls bbs before, and wondering about all the things he must have done with his dick all these years he's been alive. I rubbed and tugged on his balls, and I soon figured out how to make him cry and how to make him shake. Here was lollipop bbs my big strong grandpa, tough and rough, and I knew how to make nudeboys bbs him squeal and tremble, and it felt great. He roared like a lion over and over again, and I screamed out so loud I could not even hear myself. His body began to tremble as I lost control of myself. I tried as hard as I could but I could not stop myself from peeing, finally, the unbearable tension and pain in my dick let lose, and I felt like I died right then and there. I felt like I was flying up into the clouds and my eyes watered from the unfamiliar pleasure. His shoved my dick hard into the back of his mouth and clenched hard with his teeth and he slammed his great big meat into my mouth, and my head was pinned to the ground. He roared and bucked like a horse and I sucked and sucked.Suddenly, his dick was throbbing and he thrashed about like a wild animal screaming words like, "fuck!" "shit!" and "damn!". He moaned like he was sick as my mouth became flooded with hot, thick juice, shoving his beautiful dick so far back into my throat that I could not breath. I could not stop myself, and at the same moment, my dick throbbed and flooded my grandpa's mouth with juice, and I screamed like I had never kinder top bbs screamed before. If I had died right then art bbs forum and there, i would not have cared. Ever little bit of my body felt more bliss then than I could have every imagined. My arms girls bbs legal and legs buckled and my body fell limp as my dick continued to throb, shooting stuff onto my grandpa's furry face. He gasped for air and bite down hard on me and I whined like a dog. He lapped up the juiced that spilled all over my crotch like an animal, and his tongue against my skin was unforgettable.He grunted repeatedly as I sucked and sucked and his meat throbbed harder and harder in my mouth. I coughed and white juice spilled all over my chest, "I'm cumming!" he shouted, and as his body fell limp and heavy over mine, I kept his dick in my mouth, sucking every last bit of juice out of it and feeling his meat soften and loosen up, becoming the furry, wrinkly dick i was used to seeing. He nursed alfasex bbs dark and licked and massaged my balls and dick with his tongue until we both fell in exhaustion. He rolled over to me and pulled me into his arms and looked me in the eye. I put my bbs yrur hand around his head and massaged his soft, silvery hair.We smiled and held each other for a long time before he pulled me close and whispered, "You have any more questions, kiddo?""No grandpa," I whispered back to him with bbs dark pix a smile, "I think I get it now. Thank you."We layed in the dirt with each ranchi bbs guide other, holding tight until we fell asleep, and did not stir 'til the stars were out in full bloom.A voice off in the distance called out, "You boys okay?" The banging of a wooden spoon against a tin pan woke us both, and Granpda jumped jap bbs boards up in surprise. We were still in each other's arms."It's grandma!" I sputtered in a panic.He looked at me and winked, "I'll race you to the water!"We made a mad dash for the river, and though it was ice cold by night, it felt good. We quickly cleaned the dried stuff off each other and gargled the water until we had gotten into a splashing fight. By that time, grandma had made it into the clearing, shaking a finger at us. "You two have been out all day! You had me worried sick!" She shouted at us over our laughter. We stopped and turned to her, and grandpa put his hands in the air innocently before saying, "What, we was just having some fun." Written By 'Jay Dallas' December 12, 2007
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